Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Eyes Are Open: Thursday, May 13

Dem's Climate Bill Rests on Power of Business Lobbyists

Hmmm...I thought Obama was going to change how Washington works. My how times have changed when his global warming scam bill depends upon the success of corporate lobbyists.

CBO: We didn't have enough time to accurately access ObamaCare's cost

I suppose we now know why the Democrats had to push through ObamaCare so fast. They had to steamroll the American people before we could find out how much it really cost. Now we find out that it will cost $115 billion more than the White House said it would, and will wipe out all of the (phony) cuts it was purported to provide in the deficit over 10 years.

The Road to November: Crist Stabs Republicans in the Back, Then Keeps Their Money

Please join me in supporting Marco Rubio, a great Republican for Senate in Florida.

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