Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff Fraud

We are living in an age of unbridled fraud.  The mainstream media is a fraud.  The Democrat Party is a fraud.  Barack Obama is a fraud.  The Federal Reserve is committing fraud.  The liberal ideology is a fraud. 

The latest and most immediate fraud perpetrated on the American people is the myth that Barack Obama wants to maintain the Bust era middle class tax rates for those earning less than $200,000 (or $250,000 per married couple) while making the rich pay their "fair share."  The truth is that Obama is interested on achieving one of two outcomes:

1) Force Republicans in Congress to betray their principles and vote to raise taxes, or;

2) Careen off the Fiscal Cliff resulting in skyrocketing taxes on every taxpayer in the country and plunge the nation into a deep recession. 

The reality is he doesn't really care which of the two outcomes, in fact, occur.  His either wants to force the Republican Party to betray its constituent and violate its principles or raise taxes on everybody. 

There is ample evidence to demonstrate this case.  Obama is demanding a marginal tax rate increase and not the closing of tax deductions.  Why?  Because reducing deductions won't raise enough in taxes like Obama stays?  Really?  How much revenue would reducing deductions raise?  What would the act of raising tax rates have on the economy?  On employment?  You see, Obama and the Dems don't care how much taxes go up.  The don't care if it hurts the economy or drives up unemployment.  They want Republicans to vote to raise taxes! 

We've seen this charade before.  Remember George H. W. Bush's statement, "Read my lips. No new taxes."  The Dems in Congress created a budget crisis with the assistance of a complicit media in the name of reducing the budget deficit.  They demanded a tax increase in exchange for spending cuts.  Bush caved.  The spending cuts never happened.  And the Democrats campaigned for years that the Republicans betrayed their principles and raised taxes.  Bush was irretrievably wounded and the Republicans were destroyed in the 1992 election.  Its the same old scam now.  The Republicans remember this.  They will not cave.

The end result will be a disastrous plunge off the fiscal cliff.  Every taxpayers' taxes will go up.  Over 30 million taxpayers will be force to pay higher taxes subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax (another Democrat scheme to make the rich pay their "fair share").  Taxes on capital gains will go up.  Taxes on dividends will go up.  The damage to the economy and employment will be astounding and the amount of revenue the government brings in will be a fraction of what they project.  But that doesn't matter to Obama and the Democrats.  They want crisis.  They want dependency.  They want your money.  They want power. 

And the corrupt mainstream media will be the band at the party. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm back. 

My eyes are wide open. 

I will SEE the truth amidst the FOREST of deception, distortion, dishonesty, and fraud.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Eyes Are Open: Tuesday, May 18

Shameless Dem Self-Promoter Lies About Serving in Vietnam

Surprise, surprise. What a dirt bag.

Is one of the Dems' safest senate seats this November now in play?

Voters in Pennsylvania Go To Polls To Elect Murtha Successor

In what may be the most important harbinger of the November election, will Republican voters and Tea Party Movement show up at the polls to support conservative Tim Burns in this Democrat district? If Burns wins, watch-out in November.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Eyes Are Open: Friday, May 14

White House: Now We Want $25 Billion To Bail Out Teachers

The American people have made their voices clear: no more bailouts. Now the Obama Administration wants to spend $25 billion to preserve 300,000 teaching jobs for one more year. Might I ask, "$25 billion that we don't have for teaching jobs that we can't afford to put off layoffs for one year. And then what?"

Gov. Chris Christie Gets It. Honest And Refreshing

If you haven't seen this video yet, please take a look. NJ Gov. Chris Christie dressed down a reporter for calling him confrontational because he is frank and honest. Chris Christie is a warrior. I wish all Republicans had a spine like he does.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Eyes Are Open: Thursday, May 13

Dem's Climate Bill Rests on Power of Business Lobbyists

Hmmm...I thought Obama was going to change how Washington works. My how times have changed when his global warming scam bill depends upon the success of corporate lobbyists.

CBO: We didn't have enough time to accurately access ObamaCare's cost

I suppose we now know why the Democrats had to push through ObamaCare so fast. They had to steamroll the American people before we could find out how much it really cost. Now we find out that it will cost $115 billion more than the White House said it would, and will wipe out all of the (phony) cuts it was purported to provide in the deficit over 10 years.

The Road to November: Crist Stabs Republicans in the Back, Then Keeps Their Money

Please join me in supporting Marco Rubio, a great Republican for Senate in Florida.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our Eyes Are Open: Monday, May 10

The Welfare State's Death Spiral

Fannie Mae Requests More Bailout Money

In Bed With Fannie and Freddie

Economic Suicide by Debt or Taxes?

Don't Enable Government Power Addicts

The financial meltdown in the United States was the government’s fault. As I have addressed previously, our Congress, in an attempt to increase the affordability of home ownership, pushed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (government sponsored mortgage guarantee corporations) to originate and package sub-prime loans. The program was a success. Millions more Americans who previously could not afford homes were granted mortgages and home ownership rates reached new highs. A housing boom resulted, prices of homes skyrocketed, and the economy was on a roll. Unfortunately, many of those new homeowners had no reasonable ability to repay when times got tough. The housing bubble peaked, demand decreased, housing prices plummeted, and mortgage defaults skyrocketed. The credit meltdown had begun.

Enter Congress. Unwilling to accept any responsibility for their complicity in the credit debacle, Democrats in Congress began a chorus of criticism calling for more regulation of the financial industry to rescue the public from the "evils" of free market capitalism and the "greed" of Wall Street financial firms.

Regulation is the use is government power to effect private behavior to conform to the desire of government officials. No cliché is more true than “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Much like an illicit drug corrupts a user through addition, the power to regulate and legislate corrupts government officials through vanity, elitism, conceit, and self-righteousness.

Just as a drug addict can not begin the difficult road to recovery until they admit they have a problem, our government can not begin the return to health until those in power admit that they were complicit in causing the financial meltdown in the first place.

Republicans in Congress must demand accountability and stand against this power grab by Democrats under the veil of protecting the public from "evil" Wall Street. We must not allow those in Congress to pass new financial regulations until they admit that they themselves erred and started the real estate bubble through easy money and allowing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to guarantee sub-prime mortgage loans to poorly qualified borrowers.

Yes, I know: fat chance. Well then, so be it. Its better we deal with poorly constructed financial regulation as it exists than enable government power addicts who accept no responsibility by forfeiting more of our precious liberty for security they can not provide.

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Un-American" Protester Attacked By "Patriotic" Union Thugs

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer today published their latest surreal editorial claiming that town hall protesters, the vast majority of which are concerned seniors and others concerned about out-of-control government spending, are "un-American." Aren't these the same Democrats that, during the the Bush Administration, vocally exclaimed Thomas Jefferson's contention that "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism?"

I find this ironic when just this week, Kenneth Gladney, an African-American concerned with the spiraling national debt and surge in government intrusion into the private lives of Americans, was physically attacked and called racial slurs by "patriotic" members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) when he was handing out "Don't Tread On Me" flags and buttons at a town hall meeting held by his congressman, Representative Russ Carnahan. Yes, the SEIU; the largest union of "patriotic" dissenters during the last Republican administration.

What has this world come to when our national leaders seek to convince us that their obvious deceptions warrant more trust than our own common sense and good nature as Americans? Is this what President Obama meant when he said that liberal groups should "Punch back twice as hard?"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why Does The AARP Support Dem's Reform?

If you have been paying attention to the national debate about socialized health care, you no doubt will have witnessed the oft repeated statement that President Obama makes that Americans should support his health care reform initiatives because the AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, supports his plan. That got me thinking: Why would an organization that purports to represent seniors support a plan that would inevitably result in reduced access, rationed care, less medical innovation, and reduced quality of life for their members?

First and foremost, what we must understand is that the AARP is an interest group and a political organization more than anything else. Political interest groups exist to expand their power and influence, contrary to the notion that they exist to represent their members. The political reality is that if the Democrats' plan for single payer nationalized health care passes, all future elections will be fought, not over education, foreign policy, or social issues, but rather over funding levels for government health services. As far as the AARP is concerned, the level of funding will always be inadequate and it will be their self-appointed mission to increase government funding (aka, higher taxes). And as the most influential senior lobby group in Washington, all seniors will be dependent upon the AARP to secure that funding. More dependence leads to more dues, which leads to more power, which leads to more influence, which leads to more members, and so on.

The sad fact is that the AARP support for the Democrats' designs on our health care system has nothing to do with better access, lower costs, or better care for their members. In fact, the plans before congress right now will reduce health care access for seniors, increase costs, ration care, and destroy medical innovation in elderly-focused areas of innovation like Alzheimer's research.

Witness in this video how interested the AARP is in the sincere viewpoints of their members during a recent "listening tour":

The "Public Option", a deceitful program designed to destroy private health insurance in America, and tax increases to pay for it, must be stopped, and it must be stopped now. Once it is in place, there is no turning back. The American health care system, the pinnacle of life saving innovation and the envy of the world, will be destroyed forever.

Take action! Take action now!