Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama Policies a Threat to Social Security

The numbers are so huge they can not be comprehended. The projected size of the annual deficit under the proposed budget of President Obama and the Democrat congress is so large that the American public can not grasp its immensity. As a result, Obama and the Democrats are not forced to justify its size, or even explain how it will ever be repaid. It has proved difficult for the Republicans to criticize that which the public can not understand. Over the course of the next four years, President Obama and the Democrats will double the national debt and triple the national debt in the next ten years. The Democrats, even under their overly optimistic financial projections, will borrow more money than the total accumulated debt of every administration in over 200 years!

The consequence of this debt will be devastating. The burned on our children, and our children's children, is immoral. The result will be the bankruptcy of the country or hyperinflation that will destroy the financial assets of all Americans.

Perhaps the only way to truly make Americans understand, or even care, is to explain that massive spending by President Obama and the Democrats in Congress will destroy the Social Security system. Social Security will go bankrupt. That Social Security check that you are expecting to get after turning 67 (or maybe 70) won't come. If you get any check at all, it won't be worth anything. You are on your own. Hope you saved something or invested well. Because if you were counting on Social Security, you will be destitute!

Wake up America. And Republicans, you had better start explaining to your voters what is in store for them if they don't turn out the Democrats at the next election and reverse course.